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My Visit to the Sea

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Last summer I visited the sea. It was lots of fun swimming there. The hot sun shone down on my face. When I was swimming, the sand felt cool and mushy, pushing its way to get in-between my toes.

Once I left the water, the sand was no longer cool and mushy, but instead it was hot and grainy. I quickly ran to my beach towel to step off the hot sand. Soon the sun started setting, so it was time to pack up and go home.

Sea Visitby Lily

The Lost Kids

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time 20 kids were on a boat. They were having a great time. Then CRASH!

They bumped into an island. The girls hurried off the boat before it sank. Then they walked on the island. They ignored Elisa because they didn’t think she had good ideas. Elisa sadly walked away. When it was night, she came back, but they still ignored her. The next morning Elisa just got fruit from the island. She was sitting by the river then she fell in! The current carried her away she couldent breath, she wondered if she would ever see land again. Something grabbed her, she closed her eyes it pulled her out, and she was surprised to see one of the girls who ignored her

“You should have known the current would have carried you away’’, she said, “play around the camp site’’

Alisa had been stuck at the campsite for a month now, but finally decided to go back near the water. While there, she saw a boat.  She waved her hands to get their attention, it worked.

Elisa saved them.

‘’We are sorry for being mean to you’’ said one of the girls, “We just didn’t think you had good idea”

‘’Its ok’’ said Elisa, ‘’I forgive you’’.

The kids made it home, and all the girls became good friends.

By: Alyson