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5 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

Monday, May 4th, 2015

It is spring, and it rains a lot in spring (and it already has) so I thought that I’d write about what to do on a rainy day. Of course these don’t just have to be used for a rainy day. They can be used for any day, but whatever kind of day you use them, I here to write them at sometime, so here.

1. Dance. Turn up the music on your favorite song or CD and just dance.

2. Color. I really like the Design by me Books from American Girl, and Tiny Rotten Peanuts has some great coloring pages and other fun crafts.

3. Read. Reading can bring you to a totally different world, on a great adventure in such a short amount of time. Here are some great book lists and here are some of my own favorites.

4. Prepare. I love the idea of creating a rainy day basket in this article 🙂

5. Be active. There are some awesome ways for kids to burn of energy indoors here. Or if you’re just bored, go outside and take a walk, go on a bike ride, play hopscotch, jump rope, or any other outdoor activity that you can think of that sounds fun to you.