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Bloody Ghosts

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

One day, a girl named Susan was playing outside with some of her friends. One of her friends, Alice, told her that she had seen a ghost at night in the cemetery, where the girls enjoyed riding their bikes. Susan didn’t really believe Alice, since she didn’t believe in ghosts, but she decided to check the cemetery out that night. That night, Susan got her bike, then headed to the cemetery. After a while Susan hadn’t found anything, so she decided to head home. But, as soon as she turned around, there was the ghost. It was terrible. It was bloody. And it screamed. Susan turned to run, but it caught her by the shoulder. Its hand was cold, and the icy pain shot through Susan, making her scream with the ghost. Susan was spotted only once later, as a bloody, screaming, ghost.


                                                                 Happy Halloween!