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5 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

Monday, May 4th, 2015

It is spring, and it rains a lot in spring (and it already has) so I thought that I’d write about what to do on a rainy day. Of course these don’t just have to be used for a rainy day. They can be used for any day, but whatever kind of day you use them, I here to write them at sometime, so here.

1. Dance. Turn up the music on your favorite song or CD and just dance.

2. Color. I really like the Design by me Books from American Girl, and Tiny Rotten Peanuts has some great coloring pages and other fun crafts.

3. Read. Reading can bring you to a totally different world, on a great adventure in such a short amount of time. Here are some great book lists and here are some of my own favorites.

4. Prepare. I love the idea of creating a rainy day basket in this article 🙂

5. Be active. There are some awesome ways for kids to burn of energy indoors here. Or if you’re just bored, go outside and take a walk, go on a bike ride, play hopscotch, jump rope, or any other outdoor activity that you can think of that sounds fun to you.


Once Upon A Time, Part Four

Saturday, March 7th, 2015


Okay everybody! Time for the final part of Once Upon A Time! Here we go!

The next two days passed slowly for Princess Maryanne. But finally it was the night of the ball. The whole castle was in an uproar helping Princess Maryanne get ready for the ball. (But not a whole lot was getting done.) One second: “Maryanne, where’s your ball gown? The next second: Ellen where’s the soap?


By the time the horse drawn carriage finally pulled up to the palace, the sun was already set, even though it was just 5:00. The scene was breathtaking. The Palace was lit up with fancy candles, and everything was white from snow. Guards were everywhere and the gates were wide open. Even though she was a Princess, and she saw beautiful things every day, Princess Maryanne was sure that she had never seen anything more beautiful in her entire life, Once Princess Maryanne got inside, she was once again amazed. The inside of the Palace was just like the outside, except even more beautiful. There were beautiful paintings, and grand stair cases. There were chandeliers and swords. There were suits of armor and large chairs. After meeting King Charles and Queen Elizabeth, it was time for dancing.

Once Princess Maryanne was home again, she told the King and Queen all the ball. “Oh Mother, Father it was so elegant! We danced all night, and there were tea sandwiches and little cakes and oh! If only you could have been there!” “It sounds like you had a wonder time!” said the Queen” “But it’s time for bed now.” “O.K., Mother!”

The End

Once Upon A Time, Part Three

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

The dress was bought and taken home to the Royal Palace where Princess Maryanne showed the dress to the King. “Oh my, that dress is beautiful my dear.” King Richard said. “There’s just one problem.” “What is it Father?” Princess Maryanne asked worriedly. She knew that her Father was the ruler of the house, and that if he said they had to return the dress, they would have to return the dress. “It isn’t on you!” The King teased. “I want to see the dress on you, my dear.” King Richard explained. “Oh, of course I can try the dress on Father!” Princess Maryanne answered, relieved.

After carefully putting the dress on with help from Ellen, Maryanne went back downstairs, while Ellen stayed upstairs to dust. Once Princess Maryanne got downstairs, there were several oohs and aahs from the King and Queen. “Of course you may keep the dress.” The King said. “It’s so pretty on you, and you obviously love it. Dear, can you think of any reason this beautiful young Princess should not have this lovely dress?” The King asked, glancing at Queen Isabelle. “No I cannot.”  The Queen answered, kindly, but firmly. “O.K., then its settled. Today is the Thirty-first. Yes! The Thirty-first day of day of December. And what was the day of the ball?” The King asked, glancing at Princess Maryanne, who looked a bit bored. “The ball is on January second Father.” She replied. “So the ball is in two days.” “Thank you dear.” The King said.

Come Back Next Wednesday for Part Four (and the final part of) Once Upon A Time!

Once Upon A Time, Part Two

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

APerfectFit                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next morning the King, Queen and Maryanne had applesauce pancakes, sausage, and grapes for breakfast.

After breakfast the Queen spoke “O.K. Maryanne, are you ready to start looking for a ball gown?” “Yes Mother I’m ready.” Maryanne replied.

Later that day, after visiting several dress shops, Maryanne finally said “Mother this is the one! I’ve found the dress! Isn’t it pretty?!?” And indeed it was pretty. It was a hot pink dress with long sleeves that had puffs at the top, and a long, flowing, skirt. “Oh my, that dress is beautiful, but before we can even think about buying this dress for you we must know if it fits you. Go into the dressing room dear and try it on. I’ll wait out here. Ellen, you go in with Maryanne and help her put the dress on.” Ellen quietly followed Maryanne into the dressing room as her Mistress had told her to do.

After several minutes Maryanne came walking out in the dress. “What do you think, Mother?” She asked. “Oh dear, you look like a dream.” Queen Isabelle replied, happily. “Oh Mother do you really think so?” The delighted Princess asked. “Yes I really think so.” Queen Isabelle happily replied. “So we can get the dress?” Princess Maryanne asked, hopefully. “Yes dear we can get the dress.” Queen Isabelle answered.

Come Back Next Wednesday for Part Three of Once Upon A Time!

Once Upon A Time

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

ComeQuick!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a young princess at the age of nine. Her Mother (Isabelle) and Father (Richard) were quite rich. The young daughter’s name was Princess Maryanne. With short, curly black hair and big blue eyes she was quite a beauty.

One day a footman came up to this young girl’s front door. When the maid, Ellen, answered the door, the footman said, “Letter for Miss Maryanne.” “Thank you sir.” Ellen replied, taking the letter from the footman. After she had shut the door she called “Letter for the Princess.” Maryanne came running down the stairs. “Thank you Ellen” Princess Maryanne said as she accepted the letter. She started to read the letter, “Miss Maryanne is invited to a ball…” She stopped short. “Mother, Father, Mother, Father.” She called.

King Richard and Queen Isabelle hurried down the stairs. “What do you need my dear?” The Queen asked “You know you are not to raise your voice.” “I’m sorry Mother,” Princess Maryanne replied. “I’m just so exited!” “Whatever for?” Asked the Queen. “I have been invited to a ball!” Princess Maryanne answered, excitedly. “May I please see the invitation?” Queen Isabelle asked, also excited. “Of course you can see the invitation Mother!” Princess Maryanne said, happily handing her mother the invitation.

Queen Elizabeth and King Charles

Request the attendance of Princess Maryanne at a ball

On the second of January

In the Kingdom of Luleequa


“That is wonderful my dear, but before you can go to the ball we must buy you ball gown. We can start looking for your dress tomorrow morning, right after breakfast. But right now it is time for afternoon tea.” The Queen stated.

Come Back Next Wenedsday for Part Two of Once Upon A Time!

The Lost Kids

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Once upon a time 20 kids were on a boat. They were having a great time. Then CRASH!

They bumped into an island. The girls hurried off the boat before it sank. Then they walked on the island. They ignored Elisa because they didn’t think she had good ideas. Elisa sadly walked away. When it was night, she came back, but they still ignored her. The next morning Elisa just got fruit from the island. She was sitting by the river then she fell in! The current carried her away she couldent breath, she wondered if she would ever see land again. Something grabbed her, she closed her eyes it pulled her out, and she was surprised to see one of the girls who ignored her

“You should have known the current would have carried you away’’, she said, “play around the camp site’’

Alisa had been stuck at the campsite for a month now, but finally decided to go back near the water. While there, she saw a boat.  She waved her hands to get their attention, it worked.

Elisa saved them.

‘’We are sorry for being mean to you’’ said one of the girls, “We just didn’t think you had good idea”

‘’Its ok’’ said Elisa, ‘’I forgive you’’.

The kids made it home, and all the girls became good friends.

By: Alyson