Once Upon A Time, Part Two

APerfectFit                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The next morning the King, Queen and Maryanne had applesauce pancakes, sausage, and grapes for breakfast.

After breakfast the Queen spoke “O.K. Maryanne, are you ready to start looking for a ball gown?” “Yes Mother I’m ready.” Maryanne replied.

Later that day, after visiting several dress shops, Maryanne finally said “Mother this is the one! I’ve found the dress! Isn’t it pretty?!?” And indeed it was pretty. It was a hot pink dress with long sleeves that had puffs at the top, and a long, flowing, skirt. “Oh my, that dress is beautiful, but before we can even think about buying this dress for you we must know if it fits you. Go into the dressing room dear and try it on. I’ll wait out here. Ellen, you go in with Maryanne and help her put the dress on.” Ellen quietly followed Maryanne into the dressing room as her Mistress had told her to do.

After several minutes Maryanne came walking out in the dress. “What do you think, Mother?” She asked. “Oh dear, you look like a dream.” Queen Isabelle replied, happily. “Oh Mother do you really think so?” The delighted Princess asked. “Yes I really think so.” Queen Isabelle happily replied. “So we can get the dress?” Princess Maryanne asked, hopefully. “Yes dear we can get the dress.” Queen Isabelle answered.

Come Back Next Wednesday for Part Three of Once Upon A Time!

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