Orginazation Inspiration for Tween Girls

OrganizationInspirationForTweenGirlsClutter Control is a fabulous and fun American Girl organizational book for girls ages 7 – 14. This book will help you declutter your life, including your backpack, locker, bedroom and more. Plus, it will inspire you to keep those areas clean. Clutter Control helps you decide whether or not something is worth keeping – from a sweatshirt to old papers to the bunny that used to be your favorite stuffed animal. This book also offers fun ideas like how to make that plain wastebasket not so plain and how to organize your school papers. Plus it includes great stickers so you can label your stuff!

I used this book to help me declutter my life, and my friend Alyson (Who also blogs on this site) used this book to help her declutter her things, so I am sure you and your friends can do the same.

P.S. Hurry! I just found out that American Girl discontinued this book, but Amazon has a few used copies left, so get yours now!

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  1. Davonne Says:

    Great book review, Lily!

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