The Missing Painting: Part 3


When the police arrive, they ask me if they can see the fingerprints I picked up.

“Sure!” I reply, handing them the fingerprints. “And here are the shoeprints too. My brother has the matching shoes on the staircase.”

“Where is Gavin?” the police ask.

“He is also on the staircase,” I reply. “Follow me, and I’ll show you where it is.”

They then follow me to the staircase, where they lift Gavin’s fingerprints.

“The fingerprints and shoe prints are perfect matches,” the police state. “Now we just need to pick up fingerprints from the painting, and see if they match the other two sets.”

“OK,” Maddie, Aaron, Justin, and I reply all at the same time. We laugh.

A minute later the police are done lifting the fingerprints from the painting.

“These fingerprints also match perfectly,” they state. “Sorry Gavin, but you’re going to have to come with us.”

“But, but… I didn’t do anything,” Gavin pleads.

“Gavin, don’t play innocent with us,” the police reply, annoyed. “We know you did it. You just saw us get proof. Put your hands behind your back.”

Gavin, surprisingly obediently, resigns as he puts his hands behind his back to let the police handcuff him. I guess he realizes that he’s caught, and he’s going to have to go with the police whether he likes it or not. We follow the policemen out of the house and watch them drive away with Gavin in the backseat.

“Aaron and Justin, thanks for helping. I’ll see you tonight! Maddie and I have to get back to work now.” It seems like before the words are out of my mouth, the boys are gone. “I guess they have plans. Maddie, would it be okay if I run off ahead?”

“I guess that’s fine, but couldn’t I run with you? I’m a pretty fast runner,” Maddie asks.

“Well, you know how you have super strength?” I ask Maddie.

“Yeah,” she replies.

“Well, I have super speed,” I explain. “So, I can get back to Colonial Williamsburg in like, a few seconds.”

“Oh,” she replies, disappointed.

“This way Sophia won’t be worried about us so long, and I can wait for you in the main office,” I continue.

“OK,” she replies, sounding more exited this time.


A few minutes later, I am sitting in the office, talking to Sophia when Abby walks in the room. “Great work girls!” Sophia tells us. “I can tell you’ve had a busy morning. How about you have lunch together then see if there is anything you can do on the farm?”

“Sure!” we excitedly reply. We quickly jump out of our seats, grab our lunch bags, and with Sophia smiling behind us, Abby and I walk off together towards the farm.

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