The Runaway Pig: Part 1


After lunch, we leave the shady tree on the lawn to resume our work.

I dab sweat from my forehead with the hem of my apron as I pick ripe vegetables in-between talking to visitors. I jump in surprise when Abby runs up to me breathlessly. “Maddie, I’ve been looking all over for you! I just realized one of the pigs ran away, and I think it may have been my fault!”

“Do you know where the pig went?” I ask, walking towards the farmhouse. “I have no idea, but I know it was there this morning,” she replies, following me inside.

I set the basket of freshly picked vegetables on the table before zipping over to the pigpen to see if I can figure out how the pig broke loose. While I’m searching for holes in the fence, Abby pants as she catches up to me and asks if I’ve noticed anything amiss.

“Not yet,” I reply, still searching for clues. “Wait, is this something?” I inquire, pointing to a small tunnel underneath the fence.

“Definitely!” she cheers. “But where could the pig be now?” she groans, her face falling.

“I have no idea,” I reply. “How about I go one way and you go the other.”

“OK!” she agrees, then runs towards the pasture. I quickly decide that I should look in the forest, where the pig might have gone for shade, nuts, berries, and mud. Seeing a mud puddle, I zip over to investigate. “Oh, there are hoof prints!” I cry, thinking out loud. “I wonder if there are any other clues nearby?” Then I see a hungry looking deer speed by. “Oh no!” I think. What if that deer eats the pig?” Running with all my might, I quickly catch up to the deer. “Hi, deer! Bye deer!” I yell as I pass the deer. The deer stops dead in its tracks, staring at me like I’m crazy.

“Well, of course!” I think gleefully. “Everybody thinks I’m crazy when I do that.” I laugh delightedly as I let the wind blow through my hair, enjoying the freedom of running as fast as I can.

I look around, wondering where I should search next. Just then, I notice a blackberry bush and zoom over to hunt for any sign of the pig. The freshly-ripened bush is already almost bare, so something or someone had evidently been eating off of it. Then, glancing down, I notice a few squashed up berries on the ground.  I look some more and see hoof prints leading to the town! “Oh no!” I think, realizing that if the pig went to town, he could quickly destroy a lot of valuable items.

I take some deep breaths to help me stay calm as I zip toward Colonial Williamsburg. Everything seems normal. But then, several feet away, the pig runs out of the forest. I speed over with all my might, faster than when I passed the deer! I hover close to the pig wondering how I should catch it. Then Abby comes running up.

“Hi Maddie, I wasn’t having any luck so… Whoa, you found the pig!” Abby cries and then reaching into her pocket she pulls out a net and throws it over the pig. “I hoped you were having some luck, so I decided to grab a net in case we needed to trap the pig.”

I nod my head in agreement. “Great idea! But now how are we going to get it back to the farm? I didn’t realize how fat the pig is. Neither of us is strong enough to pick that thing up.”

“Well, Abby there is something you may have forgotten, but I think I should remind you. I have super strength!” Abby exclaims as she picks up the pig and grins

We rush off together and I run for several seconds before I remember Abby can’t run as fast as me. I halt to a stop and glance back. Abby is far behind me, running with all her might and panting. I glance around, looking for something that can help us move faster, and see a small wooden wagon under a tree, with a sign on it that says, “Use me.”

“How perfect!” I think. “Just what we need and we’re supposed to use it!” I zoom over to retrieve the wagon, and then pull it over to Abby.

“Hey Abby, hop in! If I pull, we’ll be able to get back to the farm way faster. Just keep that pig of yours in.” I state.

“OK!” she replies as she hops in, and then pulls the pig in behind her.

“Hang on tight!” I yell back as I zip towards the farm. “You’re in for a bumpy ride!”

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