The Runaway Pig: Part 2


A few minutes later, as we arrive back at the farm, I’m exhausted, but I still hurry as I pull the wagon back to the pig-pen. Once we get there, Abby jumps out, still hanging on tight to the pig, and runs to propel the pig over the fence. “Hey, Maddie, can you fill up the tunnel so the pig can’t get back out?” Abby calls.

“Sure!” I reply, zipping over to fill the tunnel.

A few seconds later, after I’ve finished filling the tunnel, Abby and I see some visitors walking in the farm gate.

“Well Abby, it looks like we have visitors. We need to get back to our work.” I state.

“OK,” she replies. We quickly push the wagon out of sight, and then Abby casually goes to greet the visitor, while I walk back to the garden.

A few hours later, I enjoy the cool air conditioning as I sit at the dinner table telling my family about my day.

“Dad, why did you send Aaron and Jason, instead of policemen?” I ask.

“Well, I told you I was going to send my best men, and Jason and Aaron are my best men,” he replies, winking at me.

I laugh. “I think you’re right,” I reply. “And anyway, I’m glad you sent Jason and Aaron. Aaron is the one who found the painting.” As I continue talking with my family, I began to wonder what will happen tomorrow. Will I solve more mysteries? Will I even need my super speed? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out….

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